Hi! I'm Mike!

I love math!

Welcome to my Algebra 2 website.

This will be my 20th year teaching Algebra 2. I have taught in a variety of places...Indiana, Colorado and Minnesota.

I am happy to have created a website to share useful material for you to use in your classroom based on my many years of experience.

There are over 100 assignments in total to help you build your curriculum. With at least 3 quizzes for each unit and culminating units tests for a summative at the end of each unit, you will definitely find the resources you need to take your Algebra 2 class to the next level.

I update this site once a week so you will always find fresh, new content. When I find something works in my classroom, I will add that resource here. And, if editing is needed, I will change and refine documents based on feedback from my own classes.


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